Benton VR Box Goggle Headset


This is a holder for smartphones that lets you watch 3D movies (no BT controller)


Based on Google "Cardboard", it's designed to hold your smart phone - just pull the smart phone storage tray out, then put your smart phone in it.


Perfect for watching movies that only you can see.


Adjustable Head Band, you can watch at anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing. Good in heat dissipation.


Has 42mm diameter optical resin magnifiers to provide magnifying effect and avoid distortion. They can be adjusted from side-side and back-front.


There's a slot in the side that will allow phone charging cables to come out of the box.


Will fit phones with 4.7 to 6.0inch size - power cord socket needs to be on the base of the phone if you want to power it whilst viewing.


You could use it to play 3D games if you added a game controller to your phone.


Includes 1 x 3D Phone Holder,  3 x Cell Phone Rubber Pads (to prevent buttons from being jammed on), and  1 x Dust Cloth


* Note this requires your existing phone to work, and it does not include a phone or screen - you can buy an optional Bluetooth controller for the phone.


What can you do with this?


Further down the page you will find a handful of recommended apps for both major platforms including many free ones, here’s a summary of what you can expect to find:

Watch dedicated VR demo apps
–Take a trip back to the Jurassic era when dinosaurs roamed, or sit yourself on a virtual roller coaster and feel your stomach lurch as you drop steeply over a crest. There are already countless apps created to show off the immersive capabilities of VR with more appearing every day. Many of the apps have navigation based on tilting your head, so you don't need to touch the phone or use an external Bluetooth controller.

Watch movies – Perhaps you’d prefer to just sit and watch instead? Immerse yourself in a virtual cinema; look around at the seats, the projector, fellow patrons, the big screen – then play movies from your own collection! There are also plenty of dedicated ‘storytelling’ apps designed specifically for VR, some of which will blow your mind.

Play VR games – Add an optional Bluetooth controller to let you interact with selected apps and games in a way that you have never done before. Save the world from a zombie apocalypse or navigate your way around an open world in which you feel part of the action, not just from the outside looking in.


How does the VR Box Headset work?
The VR Box Headset is a one-size-fits-all design with a flexible, adjustable headband plus adjustable lens distance and focus. It easily adjusts to different head sizes and shapes, eyesight quality and even fits most people with their glasses still on. Once an app is loaded, insert the phone into the sliding holder, then back into the headset. The app will use your phone to render a pair of stereoscopic images which your eyes and brain will interpret as a single 3-dimensional image. Without the headset and lenses you will just see the pair of matching images.
Some apps may also require use of your phone’s camera for Augmented Reality functions – a small panel on the front pops off to reveal your camera lens, so you can see the outside world without ruining the immersion.

Which apps are recommended for use with the VR Box Headset?
As mentioned above there are already countless apps on both major app stores – some video websites, such as Pornhub, offer their own apps for VR "content" for download at their websites only, due to adult-material restrictions at the official app stores.


VRSE – Immersive storytelling

Occupation VR - Apocalyptic action game

VR Streamer – Stream PC to VR/phone

VR One Cinema – Movie viewer

Roller Coaster VR – Like the real thing!

Jurassic Virtual Reality – Walk with Dinosaurs

Google Cardboard – Collection of apps

InCell VR - Action/racing game

Legendary VR – Warcraft movie preview

InMind VR - Short adventure app

VR Tank Training - thrilling adventure battle


VRSE – immersive storytelling

VR One Cinema – Movie viewer

Titans of Space – Solar system tour

Trinus VR (lite) – Stream PC to VR/phone

Zombie Shooter VR - Apocalyptic action game

Occupation VR- Apocalyptic action game

Jurassic Virtual Reality – Walk with Dinosaurs

Google Cardboard – Collection of apps

VR Roller Coaster – Like the real thing!

Legendary VR – Warcraft movie preview

Proton Pulse - 3D Arcade Brick-Breaking Action

* Most of the apps listed above are free, or have a free component, but some may incur charges. Please check carefully before downloading or purchasing as we t ke no responsibility for costs incurred. This list is presented simply as a reference to get you started in the world of VR. Enjoy!

** Some people may experience nausea when using VR headsets for the first time due to the simulated movement. We encourage users to remain seated until they become accustomed to the headset and to discontinue use if the condition continues.