Matias Wired USB-C PBT Mouse - Black


Product Overview

Why PBT?

PBT is a special type of plastic that doesn’t actually feel like plastic.

It has a dry satin texture, that’s really comfortable against your skin. This makes it perfect for mice.

Once you’ve experienced it, you understand immediately — there’s nothing quite like it.

Won’t turn sticky.
Won’t change colour.

99% of mice are made from cheaper, softer, ABS plastic, which has a tendency to turn shiny with use. To combat this, these mice are often painted with a rubber coating — which is even worse, because it causes them to turn sticky over time (super gross).

Unpainted ABS tends to change colour over time. That’s why many white mice eventually end up looking yellow. ABS plastic is prone to UV damage from sunlight.

None of that happens with PBT — white PBT stays white.

In fact, PBT is so resistant to UV damage, that it’s used for car interiors, that are out in the sun all day.

Matias Wired PBT Mouse

Comfortable ergonomic design.

The perfect material needs a good mouse shape to go with it — so we spent months testing and tweaking the shape, until we were satisfied.

Whether your hand is large or small, the Matias Wired PBT Mouse is right in the sweet spot, in terms of size.

Aluminum scroll wheel
& control button.

The aluminum controls look & feel really nice, and (unlike rubber or soft plastic) will stay that way, for years to come.

On PC, the aluminum button acts as a Back button.

On Mac, you can assign it a variety of functions through the system settings.

USB  or  USB-C
Black or White.

The world (and Europe in particular) is transitioning to USB-C, so we offer both USB and USB-C models, in either Black or White PBT.

Premium grade hardware.

We’ve probably all had this experience...

You buy the latest premium mouse from a major brand (we won’t name them). The shape is perfect — it’s so comfortable — you’re very happy.

But after a year or two, one of the mouse buttons stops working. How is this possible? It’s an expensive mouse. This is not supposed to happen.

It happens because many mouse brands use cheap components in their mice. One cheap switch failure, and your otherwise perfect mouse is now landfill.

That won’t happen with the Matias Wired PBT Mouse.

We use the highest grade OMRON switches, rated at 50 million actuations — the longest life switches available.

No drivers to install.

Installing drivers is annoying, and shouldn’t be a requirement for getting the most out of your mouse.

In fact, if you work for a government agency or large company, you may not even be able to install a driver without authorization from the IT dept (due to security concerns).

For those reasons and more, all features of this mouse work WITHOUT installing any drivers.

The Matias USB-C PBT Mouse features a premium type of plastic called PBT, which feels better to the touch, and doesn't yellow over time like the cheaper ABS plastic used in most other mice.

The higher quality materials extend to the scroll wheel and top button as well, as they are made of aluminum.

Inside is premium grade hardware, including OMRON switches and a TTC encoder, for a great mouse experience.

Matias designs its own firmware, and has built tight integration into the Mac OS, enabling the mouse to be controlled and customized with the Mac OS mouse system settings, similar to the Apple mouse, as opposed to having to install software or custom drivers. Windows and other operating systems also do not need software or drivers to install. Not only does this make operating and customizing the mouse easier, it also means a more secure technology environment, ideal for businesses, governments, and schools.

There are 4 mouse buttons (left, right, scroll wheel, and top button). The mouse has a fixed, hardwired USB-C cable (39" / 1m), ideal for plugging into the USB-C ports on Mac or PC computers. (We also sell a USB-A version of this mouse, which is listed separately on our online store).

This mouse has a 2 year warranty.

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