Walkcool Personal Evaporative Air Cooler, USB powered


Product Overview

Walkcool Personal Evaporative Air Cooler, USB powered

1. New idea for ECO A/C

2. Build your own forest part and carry it anytime anywhere

3. Still wasting huge energy to change the temperature? Why not use WalkCool to build your own forest park? To save the world also saving your money.

4. Indoor A/C with 28~29°C+ WalkCool= 23~24°C personal environment + 27% energy saving

Product Info sheet

Cooling capacity: up to 1200 BTU/hr
Cooling square: 2–3m2
Noise level: 50 dB

Voltage : 5 V
Running Current : 1 A
Micro-USB plug 5V 1A
Power supply: powerbank, adapter or laptop

Dimension(WxHxD) : 151 × 145 × 136 mm
Weight : 680g (without water)
Water tank capacity: 200 ml

Water Tank refill cycle : 3–3.5 hours
Cartridge Replacement period : 3 months

Airflow Direction Control : Manual
Air Deflection Control : 2-Way

The cartridge filter inside the Walk Cool constructed  with a special and natural evaporative nano- materials that makes no harm to the state of the  environment.

The special honeycomb pattern provides a highly intense evaporation from even a small surface. That allows to make Walk Cool compact and yet powerful. 

Not only the evaporative nano-material, but also the sensor embedded for co-operating with the special system.