Lian-Li DK-05 Desk Case Black Aluminum, power-adjust height


Product Overview

The ultimate workstation
The DK-05 is the last computer chassis you’ll ever need. With space for two EATX motherboards, cooling equipment, and storage, the DK-05 can house two complete high-performance workstation systems under its luscious tempered glass surface.

Per system, four 3.5” and two 2.5” storage spaces are available, as well as space for large graphics cards (up to 36cm) and large ATX PSUs (up to 28cm)

Majestic presence
The DK-05 is motorized height adjustable computer desk with a grand range and copious surface space as it was designed to house two full workstations. The desk surface of 140cm by 78cm provides plenty of space for multiple monitors, keyboards, mice and other accessories. The desks’ working height can be adjusted from just 69 centimeters, up to 118cm to fit every sitting and standing working position.

Flexible and versatile
Per system, there is a front panel which is VR-ready with an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, HD Audio jacks and the new USB 3.1 Type-C connector. This includes a power button and individual RGB adjustment dials to fine-tune internal RGB lighting. There is also one 5¼” drive bay available for an optical drive or control panel.

Designed for liquid cooling
The DK-05 spacious internals and layout allow it to house a multitude of liquid cooling components. With space for one 480mm radiator and three 360mm radiators both systems have more than enough cooling capacity. In between the two motherboard trays, you can fit liquid cooling pumps and radiators in special mounts so your systems looks extremely clean while staying cool.