Matias Black Wired Aluminium Keyboard for PC, RGB backlit keys


Product Overview

Matias Black Wired Aluminium Keyboard for PC, RGB backlit keys, US layout, 1x USB port, volume and music Fn keys

RGB Backlighting with colour dial on the back to adjust the colour spectrum freely from white to other colours

Backlight brightness is also adjustable via Backlight Key and +/- keypad keys

Black Aluminum  +  RGB  backlight.

With a beautiful black anodized aluminum enclosure, RGB backlighting, and a sleek ultra thin design, we’ve created a PC keyboard that epitomizes style & quality.

Spectrum Color Dial.

The Color Dial gives you a continuous spectrum of colors, by simply turning the dial...

For White, turn all the way to the left, or all the way to the right — passing through a rainbow of colors in between.

It’s the ultimate in simplicity & flexibility.

Nightly whites.

Too much Blue-light exposure at night is known to negatively impact your melatonin levels. This can shift your body’s natural time clock — leading to poor sleep and various other health issues.

The backlight on this keyboard was SPECIFICALLY designed to address that problem...

Turning the Color Dial all the way to the left or right gets you White (which is 100% Red, Green, and Blue).

BUT when you turn the Dial back, it preferentially reduces the BLUE component of White, resulting in softer Whites, that are more Yellow (and better at night).

Dial it back a little further, and you have 100% Yellow (0% Blue).

Dial it back further still, and you get 100% Red — which is the color that least impacts sleep patterns.

Reducing the backlight brightness is also advisable (see below).

Brightness control.

You can adjust the brightness of the backlight (in 10% increments) anywhere from 0 to 100% ...

Hold down the fn key, then press + or – to increase/decrease the brightness.

You can also select a brightness level directly, by holding down the fn key, then pressing a number (1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, etc.).

fn key and Esc turn off the backlight.

Typing is tactile & responsive.

With a generous 2mm of key travel, typing feels as tactile and responsive as any of the best laptop keyboards.

USB port for your mouse / flash drives.

The built-in USB 2.0 port is perfect for connecting your favourite wired mouse (or wireless dongle).

Tab key on the number pad.

A Tab key on the number pad is handy when you need to enter numbers on a form, web page, or spreadsheet.

Volume Keys + Numpad Tab

Volume keys.

Dedicated keys for volume control let you comfortably adjust the volume.

And when (unexpected) interruptions happen, Mute is a simple keypress away.

More music controls
via Fn key shortcuts.

You can also control music you have playing in the background, with fn key shortcuts for Play-Pause, and Next / Previous Tracks.