Matias Half-Qwerty 508 keyboard


Product Overview

Matias Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard - note : this is ordered in specially from overseas


The revolutionary Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard allow you type with just one hand, using your existing skills.

This assistive technology enables people who have lost the use of one hand to touch-type quickly using their existing touch-typing skills. This keyboard is a full size keyboard that allows you to touch-type with just your left hand, just your right hand, or both hands. This keyboard has been chosen by occupational therapists, insurance companies, workplace insurance boards, schools, governments and businesses for over 20 years for one-handedness, hemiplegia, blindness (reading a braille screen with one hand while typing with the other hand), as well as other conditions where typing with only one hand is required.

Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard
The Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard gives you the best of both worlds – one-hand and two-hand typing. It's a full-size, standard keyboard that allows you to touch-type with your left hand, your right hand, or both hands. Whatever's more convenient. You decide. The Half-QWERTY 508 Keyboard uses high-quality rubber dome keyswitches that provide a quiet tactile feel, yet offer enough resistance to hold the weight of your hands and reduce long-term fatigue.