Product Overview

The UDV02 is a 2-port USB Cable KVM Switch with 2 x fixed KVM cables and 1 x QuickSwitch button for wired remote control. It also provides Audio and Microphone switching function for uninterrupted multimedia experience. It allows you to access, control, boot and reboot multiple multimedia computers using only one USB keyboard, mouse, monitor and a speaker set and microphone.


  • The UDV-TA2 is a 2-port compact DVI/USB KVM switch with 2 sets of built-in USB KVM & Audio/Mic combo cables and a wired flipper button for controlling two PCs.
  • It allows you to access, control, boot and reboot two DVI and USB-enabled multimedia computers with only one USB keyboard, mouse, DVI display and a speaker set and microphone (VGA is not supported).
  • For easy and fast switching between two computers, you can use either keyboard hotkeys (Scroll-lock twice), the flipper button or the Switching Software Client installed on your PCs!
  • Supports DVI Single Link Video up to 1920 x 1200
  • 1x fixed wired (1.5M) flipper button for instant toggling between two computers
  • 2x fixed (0.9M) DVI USB KVM audio/mic Combo cables with 3.5mm phono jacks
  • Windows and Mac (10.4 or later) version of Switching Software Utility for easy switching
  • USB 2.0 hub ports for keyboard, mouse or other high-speed USB devices
  • Audio and Microphone switching for uninterrupted multimedia experience across multi-platforms
  • Configurable independent/simultaneous switching of both PC and audio/mic channel